grentperez: More Than a One-Hit Wonder

grentperez: More Than a One-Hit Wonder


The world doesn’t lack great Asian r&b artists since so many have dominated the music industry. One of these artists includes Filipino indie bedroom-pop artist, grentperez. The music of grentperez is something quite unique as he takes the place of many different songs in the playlists of millions of Spotify listeners. 

Although grentperez has quite a large following, it could be bigger. With only two million monthly listeners, Perez delivers great music to his fans. One would think that with a following that is pretty large, since it exceeds the one million mark, Perez would have released a new album by now. Grentperez can stand by other great r&b artists such as Joji, Keshi, and Niki, as his music deserves more recognition. 

Due to the semi-large popularity of grentperez, maybe an album would be released, but that isn’t really the case. Despite all his tours to perform his music for fans, there is still no album, just singles. Although in actuality he has, an “album” of demos and old music, it’s not very timely, the fans need more than old “albums”. Now enough being said about his inability to produce an album for his audience, let’s actually look at his music. 

Honestly, grentperez releasing an album is the least of our worries as his music is quite amazing. Perez first blew up when he released his single, “Cherry Wine”, and rightfully so, he got a lot of attention. Cherry Wine was the kickstart to his career as the song is a smooth jazz feel that flows in great rhythm with the lyrics. 

Many might view grentperez as a one-hit wonder due to ‘Cherry Wine’ blowing up, but that isn’t really the case. He has many other great hits, especially during the Christmas season with songs such as, “When Christmas Comes Again”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, and “Please Come Home For Christmas”. All of these songs are great to take listen to during the holidays as Perez makes beautiful holiday jingles. 

Besides his seasonal music, his old classic singles are quite the banger. His music isn’t only smooth and jazzy but is cute as well. His other hits are great to listen to any time of the year but can be enjoyed during the month of February. His sweet serenades towards his significant other have definitely set up a reputation for cute love-dovey music that can be pretty upbeat as well. The way Perez forms his lyrics and beats is outstanding as his guitar is always so beautiful since he is pretty self-produced.

Some iconic singles that have been produced by grentperez consist of his songs, “Clementine”, “Confusing Girl”, and “My Heart It Beats For You”. These songs in particular are personal favorites as Perez does not fail to amaze the audience with these great hits. These aren’t the only head boppers in the discography of Perez since we are still left with many, many more. A few others of these many are, “Wishful Thinking”, “Ego”, and “Absence of you”. These hip songs were put together to form the “albums”, “Conversations With The Moon”, and “Trail Mix Tape”. Fans deserve to receive a major drop of music rather than continuously receiving single after single, because then, what exactly is the point of an “album”?

Overall, grentperez is one of the most talented singers for self-made r&b bedroom-pop artists. Although maybe he falls a bit beneath Joji and Keshi, he still has his own style that makes him and his music their own individual people. It’s exciting to be able to witness his rise to stardom as his musical journey is just now beginning as he has yet to make it very, very, very big in this large industry.