The Strawberry Milk Cult: Underrated Potential



In the world of music and entertainment, many up and coming artists tend to be swept under the rug as they hold so much potential for the music industry. One of these groups is the highly underrated indie band, “The Strawberry Milk Cult”. The potential they hold is amazing but are they good enough to go big in the industry?

A few years ago, during the summer of 2017, a couple of young high schoolers from Texas, decided to form a musical group. High school sophomores Dylan and Josh formed what is now known as, “The Strawberry Milk Cult”. The group contains 4 members, one of which is a new addition to the band. With Dylan aka, “Skizzy Bones”, being the vocals and supporting guitarist next to Dylan (lead guitarist), their music is awesome. These two aren’t the only ones that make the band amazing as Jesse (drums) and new member, Titan (bassist). 

This underground band has made some great hits that deserve to be listened to. Even with all the love that is held from a personal standpoint, the probability of the group blowing up is quite impractical. The genre of music that is made by SMC could be phrased as “outdated”, so therefore this group may find themselves at a disadvantage from becoming known. This opinion is quite easy to disagree with. Their music is all about personal taste and what you as the listener enjoy music wise. If you enjoy the cliche trendy taste of music such as the artist ‘Vacations’, ‘Roar’, and ‘Artic Monkeys’, chances are that this group may be an all new favorite band for you. 

Their discography is absolutely stunning with rhythmic drums in their songs and their amazing lyrical flow. In terms of songs, a personal favorite of mine is, “Mustard”, as the song is a bop with amazing drums and vocals. This song is definitely a great new addition to the playlists of many, as the guitar is amazing as well. 

Although the group has many other hype and upbeat tunes such as, “MF Gloom”, from their album, “Strawberry Milk Cult” produced in 2020,  the group also produces more mellow music with a slight twist of sadness. Their number one song, “Wet Cigarettes”, is the most favorite song across all music streaming platforms. This specific song adds a loud sadness to their album, “Eggs”, which was released in 2020. This album is specific and is a mix of different styles and flows, adding flavor to Strawberry Milk Cult’s discography. Their song, “Purple Honey”, not only has a unique name but has a type of Lofi beat to it while continuing its usual indie pop rhythm. 

Their other amazing bops such as, “Polarbear”, a single released in 2021, and, “Portland”, a song from the album, “Strawberry Milk Cult”, make up the two other songs in their top five most popular songs. Rightfully so, as these songs are some of the best of their discography. 

Overall, this band deserves hype and attention as their music definitely shows their talent. Their lyrics, drums, bass, and guitar all incorporated together, creates amazing music that deserves to be listened to by millions of more people. They are definitely highly underrated, and as they continue to produce music, more and more songs by Strawberry Milk Cult will continue to be added to my playlists no doubt.