“The Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie” Gets a Frightening October Release Date

April 13, 2023

Recently on Twitter, Jason Blum, owner of Blumhouse, the studio making the Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie released this statement,

 “As promised: #FNAF FANS: You asked and we delivered

#FNAFMovie is coming this Halloween on October 27.  2023!!!!!

 205 days until the party.

 And that is the BIG NEWS”

This came after the announcement that filming wrapped and after famous “FNAF” fans were invited onto the set to build hype.

A teaser image was also released, showing a child holding the titular Freddy Fazbear’s hand as she stands in front of the famous FNAF Pizzaria. In my opinion, this is a great, eerie teaser for what is hopefully a frightening film.

The animatronic in this teaser looks absolutely incredible, Freddy looks exactly like he does in the first game, though I will admit, it is a little uncanny seeing these things in a realistic setting. I look forward to seeing them in their terrifying action.

Fans who were invited to the set have only gushed about how accurate it is to the film, Even the actor, Matthew Lillard appears to be very confident in the film, even giving a few details to fans at conventions, including the incredible news that his character, William Afton, doesn’t have a British accent in this version as he does in the games, which makes way more sense as the character is canonically from Utah, according to series lore.
People on TikTok and Twitter are very hopeful for a horrifying “Spring-lock” scene in the film, referencing a 

a very famous and beloved moment in FNAF 3 which has been referenced before in the film’s marketing.

There is also some concern from fans over a certain scene not being shown, specifically, the Bite of 83’ (Not to be confused with the Bite Of 87) It is an extremely important aspect of the main character, Micheal Afton’s backstory, and motivation, people are worried they may cut this due to the graphic content implied by what happens in the game and are worried it won’t appear due to the movie’s aim for a PG-13 Rating.

The movie has been through thousands of drafts of scripts, chronicled in a Steam post by the creator of the series, Scott Cawthon. I hope they finally picked a truly great script to film.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie has a ton of hype built around it so I hope they pull it off like they are claiming to. 

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