Resident Evil 4 remake: Better than Bingo!



The remake for Resident Evil 4 came out recently to much fanfare. It has sold almost 3 million in just 2 days which it really deserves. Resident Evil is one of the most popular game franchises and Resident Evil 4 is a fan favorite considered by many to be the best.

Resident Evil 4’s story is pretty straightforward yet very entertaining. Some of the goofy parts and lines have been removed, which does add to the more serious tone that the game was going for although some including myself believe that it takes away some of the charm of the original.

The gameplay in the original has not aged well, it’s clunky and turned a lot of people off from the game. Fortunately, the remake has excellent controls making all the incredible moments and fights incredibly fun. I never felt annoyed when I died because I knew I could play better and improve, which felt great when tackling some of the harder parts. The game itself isn’t too challenging on standard difficulty apart from some parts near the end but I was never bored because it balances its challenge really well.

The character of Ashley is significantly improved from the original, it’s significantly easier to keep her from being dragged off every 10 seconds. She also feels like a character as opposed to a poorly written character that exists mostly for poorly aged jokes. She was actually interesting to hear from and I liked the interactions she had with the player character, Leon. The character of Luis is also built on and improved this time though I actually cared about his involvement in the story. Leon is still the best Resident Evil character so he hasn’t changed much but he feels much more like an actual person.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is the best the series has to offer and it is a must play for all gamers no matter what you’re into. It is the closest thing to a masterpiece I have played in years.