Callaway Cuts: Roseville’s Newest Barber



Sophomore Skyler Callaway is a Roseville athlete and lacrosse player who has recently started cutting some of his lacrosse teammates’ hair.

“My aunt is actually a barber, so I’m always over there getting haircuts and watching her give other people haircuts,” Callaway said. “and so I just bought clippers one day thinking I would never have to use them.” 

His first “victim,” as Callaway calls them, was sophomore Gavin Rogers, a lacrosse teammate, and friend of his. Callaway also cut the hair of sophomore Johnathan Trujillo, and also sophomore Jayden Dube before practice and filmed the process. He gave Jayden and Gavin buzzcuts, and Johnathan a “fade.” 

“I approached Skyler when we were getting our practice shorts and I said I was getting tired of my hair could you bring your clippers tomorrow to cut my hair,” Rogers said.

After that, Callaway’s friend suggested the name Callaway cuts, and the Instagram account was created. His videos surfaced around school, collecting Roseville high school student’s interests all around campus.

“He said you should create an account called Callaway cuts and so I said that’s fire like that’s actually a really good name so I made the Instagram and started posting stuff,” Callaway said.

Clients find themselves very satisfied with Callaway’s work.

“I really like my haircut,” Dube said. “I’d definitely get another one from Skyler when my hair grows out. I think Skyler should definitely give other people buzzcuts, I really like my haircut even if giving a buzzcut is really hard to mess up.”