DUST OF THE VINYL: More than just an earworm

DUST OF THE VINYL: More than just an earworm


Funkadelic is an American Funk Rock band headed by George Clinton. Funkadelic is considered to be the architect of the Funk genre, setting up the foundation for many bands in the future. The album Maggot Brain is widely considered to be a masterpiece. It has excellent talent throughout the entire album but Eddie Hazel’s guitar playing is some of the most emotional and awe inspiring performances using nothing but a guitar. Hazel’s Performance is definitely inspired by Jimi Hendrix but it stands out on its own as a very distinct and memorable sound. The few lyrics introduce a theme in this album with pollution and the nature of man.

The next song Can You Get To That is about how seeing a relationship as a way to get the things you want will make it end in failure. This song definitely has a gospel sound which makes it a much more upbeat experience after the depressing first song. 

The Third song is Hit it and Quit it which is one of Funkadelic’s most iconic songs. It’s a very fun song to listen to due to its use of the organ, amazing guitar solo, and fun vocals.

You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks is a song about class consciousness and the war in Vietnam. It has amazing drums that definitely steal the show in terms of instrumentals. The soul inspired vocals return again with some of their best vocals yet.

Super stupid is the most guitar heavy and it’s the only song that achieves the psychedelic effect that the album aims for me. This has some of the best guitar playing on the whole album which really brings it together to become the most memorable song on the album. If you listen to any song on this album let it be this.

Back in Our Minds is the most Relistenable song on the album everytime I hear it I find something new about it that I love. It’s infectiously catchy and it’s bound to get stuck in your head for ages. The mouth harp lends its sound to the song and really makes it feel out of this world. It makes you feel like you’re in the studio with the band which lends to its sincere nature and peaceful sentiment. 

Wars of Armageddon is the final song on the album and it’s a nearly 10 minute long epic of a song. It has an amazing drum performance by Tiki Fulwood who really gives it his all. It also has another performance by Eddie Hazel who provides a stunning solo alongside sound effects that give the song a sense of finality like something has fallen apart. It reminds me that the song and the ending of the album lead to the end of the original lineup of funkadelic members.

Funkadellic’s Maggot Brain is nothing short of a masterpiece with every single song being memorable. Maggot Brain has affected the music industry in ways that are immeasurable. It’s an unforgettable album that will continue to inspire generations.