Bass Photography Captures Roseville’s Interests

February 28, 2023

Chris Bass is a photographer and former local baseball coach who has been taking pictures for Roseville Highschool athletics this year. His passion for photography started while his kids were still young, but because he was coaching he didn’t have the time to take photos. 

“I was out in the stands and somebody took some good pictures of [my son] Brennan from MaxPreps, and I went online to buy it and it was $35,” Bass said. “I don’t wanna spend $35 for a picture of my kid, so I’m like I can do this myself.”

Bass has been taking photos for Roseville’s community for free, posting it on his website and instagram. 

“After I decided to quit coaching then I decided to take photos [of my kids] so I’ve always kinda had a camera,” Bass said.

So far Chris has taken photos for RHS football, basketball, soccer, cheer, dance, and more.

His son, Braylon Bass, a sophomore at RHS, also appreciates his father’s passion, being an RHS athlete himself.

“It’s basically a second job that he doesn’t get paid for,” he said. “Everyone always looks forward to seeing the photos after the game.”

Another athlete, freshman Tyler Ritter was glad that someone was finally taking photos of his games. Ritter played for JV basketball. He hopes he keeps taking photos for future spring sports as well.

“No one was really taking pictures of our games until towards the end of the year, but then he started taking photos and then we started getting really good action shots,” said Ritter. “It would be great if he took photos for baseball. I really hope he gets out there. That would be great.” 

Bass hopes to keep taking photos to help the Roseville community through the spring season with baseball, lacrosse, and more.

“I think you can capture emotion and that’s my favorite part because you don’t see that in the stands and you don’t hear what they’re saying and you don’t hear what they’re saying you don’t hear what you’re not supposed to be hearing.” Bass said.

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