Students “Kill” Off Senior Assassin

February 17, 2023

The seniors’ “senior assassin” game has been inactive since December, with almost no action going on for the last 3 months. The game involves seniors who sign up and pay five dollars to compete in the game. Seniors are assigned a random person to shoot with a water gun, and if they manage to shoot them, they get a “kill.” Once a target is shot the killer gets their target until there is one player left.

The people who get the money at the end of the game is the last person standing and the person with the most kills. But after starting the game at the beginning of this school year, it’s almost as if the game has died.

“I’m glad I’m not being hunted anymore, but it would be nice if it was still going because it was fun when it was,” senior Elena Esparza said.

Another senior, Parker Hellekson, has been as active as he can in the game, being a large role in it, however there are a multitude of problems that make the game frustrating.

“I have 5 kills. The games kind of ran pretty slow honestly. I don’t really care who wins at this point, I just want the game to be finished,” he said. “This game keeps going, like last year they didn’t have a winner, the year before they didn’t have a winner, and at the end of the day the person who collects the money takes all the money and it’s not fair to us. We put our five dollars in, like give me my five dollars back.”

Hellekson believes the people who are running senior assassin should take action against the inactivity of the game so it doesn’t die.

“I was thinking of a plan to get the game moving. The people who haven’t got any kills yet and just sat and done nothing they should be eliminated, and the person who had them should get the kill basically so the game will keep moving,” he said.” There were probably 50 people who got eliminated right away and now there’s like 48 people left and the game is just moving so slow.” 

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