DUST OFF THE VINYL: Iconic album from an iconic band

February 16, 2023

Pink Floyd’s 1973 rock album Dark Side of the Moon has got to be one of the best albums within that rock era and will continue to be a great masterpiece. Its unique ways of incorporating sounds into their music make Pink Floyd seem like it was ahead of its time. The album will take anyone on a journey of emotions that are so powerful that it feels as though it is an out of body experience. 

The album starts off with a faint heartbeat in Speak to Me that builds its suspense by growing louder with laughter that feels as though it is a horror film. It’s transition into the next song Breathe (In the Air) and is one of the greatest transitions in the album that I’ve heard. The first song usually sets up the tone for any album, but as far as this one goes, it sends you down a rabbit hole of many different emotions. 

Something that’s interesting about this album is that each song is almost completely different from the other while still incorporating that rock feeling. Each song has a mixture of noises that are relevant to the title of the song, such as Money where it has cash register noises, which Pink Floyd soon makes into a beat, or Time when it starts off with clocks going off. 

The Great Gig in the Sky is currently one of the most popular songs within this album, and for good reason, should be the best song for many generations to come. There isn’t any singing in the album except for the vocals, which were done by a British singer named Clare Torry. Her vocals play in some songs throughout the album and it’s probably one of the best vocals I’ve ever heard. 

The amount of time that she holds onto that high vocal is impressive and seems like something that a lot of people can’t do. As her high vocals calm down and become more softer, so does the instrumental, which has a contrast that pulled me into the song more. Even though the song is roughly 5 minutes with no singing in it, this is the type of song that people will be mesmerized by forever. 

This album seems to set up a rollercoaster of emotions for fans to experience like building suspense and even at times feels as though you are being raised up into the air. With this album being powerful enough to experience these feelings, a lot of artists try to achieve the same excellence as this album has done and try to use the same levels of uniqueness within their songs. 

The songs almost always lead into the next song, which makes it feel as though the album is one continuous song. Most of them were roughly around 3 to 7 minutes long with transitions to the next songs, which were well-executed. 

As I was listening to this album, I felt as though I was in a whirlwind of emotions as each song pulled me in and kept me interested for all 40 minutes. This is the type of masterpiece everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, and I wish that I could re-listen to it for the first time over and over again.

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