Gravity Strikes the Physics Teacher’s House

February 15, 2023

Lately, the weather in Roseville has been all over the place, with it being 40 degrees with on and off rain and winds up to 71 mph, causing minor to major damages across the Sacramento area.

Unfortunately a teacher at RHS was affected by these storms, teacher CJ Addington. On the night of January 7, Addington had his house demolished by a 100ft tall eucalyptus tree, thankfully nobody was hurt.

“What appeared to happen was the rain made the ground soft and muddy and the wind hit the tree causing it to tip over, the roots ripped right out of the ground, it went right through the roof and halfway down the wall, it made a huge mess,” Addington said.”

Addington claims the property damages were extensive, thankfully he and his family have been paying homeowners insurance for 20 years and his insurance company is taking care of his family well, setting them up in a hotel whilst their home is being repaired, Sadly it is estimated to not be complete until at least October of 2023.

Addington advises others to observe the surroundings of their home and check in with your insurance policies to see whether or not you’re covered if something were to happen.

“I am now going around telling everybody to take a really good look at the big trees around their house. If you got a big tall tree that’s been there awhile, make sure that it can’t hurt anything,” Addington said.

Addington realizes that others experienced damages from these storms, across the Sacramento area people have had significant damages of property, people who were not so fortunate.

“I know I’m not the only person that had an issue with these storms, people had fences blown down, cars crushed, a lot of damage happened,” Addington said. “I’m just really fortunate that no one got physically hurt, but we know we were not the only people with storm damage.” 

Addington’s family was home when the event occurred, as anyone could imagine it was alarming.

“Yeah, we were home when it happened, we heard and felt when it happened, it was like a bomb going off, a huge explosion the whole house shook, when we went downstairs to see what was going on, there was smoke, dust, and ash, it was pretty scary,” Addington said.

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