RHS Talent Readies for Spring Musical

February 16, 2023

Roseville High School’s musical theater class is doing one of the most beloved and well-known productions of all time this spring; High School Musical: The Musical. The audition process began last month and was challenging for junior and leading female role, Maddy Anderson.

“Auditions this year were very competitive, we have a lot of talented people within the musical theater class, so it was really hard to determine who was gonna get what,” Anderson said.

Since a musical is hard to cover in such limited time, Theater Director and RHS Drama teacher, Jennifer Saigeon, opened up a musical theater class specifically for the spring shows. Saigeon has been the RHS Drama teacher for years and looks forward to being able to direct the upcoming musical in April, High School Musical: The Musical.

“The musical is actually being run in the musical class this year and that’s new and that’s exciting because we get to do all of our rehearsals within class,” Saigeon said. “What’s also great about that is if a student is also involved in extracurricular things outside of school and they get to actually do the musical and the extracurricular because it’s inside a class.

High School Musical: The Musical is a tough show to cover due to the intense songs and choreography all throughout. Sophomore and leading male role, Kyle Schmitt, knows that a show of such difficulty is not common at high school age.

“I don’t think a lot of high schools actually do this, I think this is a first in this area of Roseville that we’re actually doing this for,” Schmitt said.

But even through the difficulty of the casting process and rehearsals, Anderson is excited and hopeful for everyone to come and see the results in late April.

“I think this musical is very challenging with all the choreography, and vocally we put a lot of hard work into it,” Anderson said. “So it’s gonna look amazing on stage and I hope everyone comes and watches,” Anderson said.

Anderson was happy and loved that she got the chance to do musical theater when she first started high school, and decided to start taking the musical theater class her junior year.

“I chose to do the musical because I was in musical theater my freshman year and it was a lot of fun,” Anderson said. “I had to take a break my sophomore year just because I didn’t have enough room for the class in my schedule and I wanted to be back in the class this year.”

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