Students Shoot for a Fun Weekend

February 7, 2023

Some students at RHS get together to go airsoft shooting together. Seniors Andrew Christian, Kai Epan, Connor Baker, and more show their excitement and passion for Airsoft.

“We’ve been all going out to that field because we’ve only gone twice with my main core of three guys, and just last Monday we went and had a group of nine people come out,” Christian said. 

Christian’s love for playing Video games, especially shooter games, is what inspired him to start doing airsoft, as well as dragging his closest friends into it with him. 

“You know Siege, [I got] into video game shooting, you know, hey, I can go do this and shoot my friends. Cool!” Christian said. 

Christian typically goes with his friends, but also plays with other random people who go as well. 

“The field itself is a public field so everybody whoever goes there you [can] pay an admission fee, you chronograph your weapon you brought. I have a couple core friends; Khang Tran, Kai Epan and a couple guests come with us occasionally,” Christian said.

Recently, the guys invited one of their friends, senior Ryker Davis, to come along with them. He has never gone airsoft shooting before. Davis feels that airsoft shooting is something he recommends to everybody, and that they should all try it at least once. 

“Couple days ago was just my first time, it being my first time I really had a blast. Next time we have to be more prepared because it stung big time,” Davis said.

Davis didn’t wear a lot of protection his first time, so that’s why he ‘got stung big time.’ He makes a mental note that next time he goes, he will definitely wear more body coverage when out airsoft shooting. Although getting hit many times, Davis enjoyed airsoft shooting.

Another senior, Kai Epan, and one of the core guys in the group, feels that airsoft shooting connects with his own personal hobbies as well.

“My obsession of the military kind of like kick started it, I want to do this hobby as a side,” said Epan.

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