A Hot Collection on Wheels

February 7, 2023

Hot wheel collecting has recently taken some students’ interests in RHS. One senior, Weston Folgia, is passionate about this hobby, having a giant collection of his own that continues to grow.

“Well I like cars like a lot. I have my own car and I saw that there was real cars that people actually have and are made into Hot Wheels. Just the kind of cars I like, like Japanese import cars, European cars. So it was just a cool way to get like little versions of them to have,” Folgia said.

Folgia has been collecting these miniature cars for over a year, and has seen a vast community of collectors, old and young, as well as growing his own collection of Hot Wheels.

“I go to Target every morning and there’s a group of people that go on the weekends. They’re a little older than I am and they’ve been collecting for a lot longer than I have, like close to 20-25 years so I can’t imagine what their collections look like if mine looks like this and I’ve been collecting for a year,” he said.

Folgia’s collection takes up his whole wall, from all types of miniature cars he’s found over the time he has collected. He has hundreds and hundreds of them. He usually goes to Walmart on the weekends and purchases them there.

Another senior, and close friend to Folgia, Allan Ostapovsky, has interest in his own Hot Wheel collection as well, collecting all types he can find. 

“I just like collecting them because I like all different types of cars to have them all,” Ostapovsky said.

Ostapovsky’s interest in cars has also led him to collect and even find some of high value. He has many favorite cars, but some he likes more than others. 

“Some of my favorites on here, this is one of the rare ones. This is a chase car 05 so it’s harder to find. I like this one because it’s a car I really like. These two are sick, I got these from Weston, shout out Weston,”

Ostapovsky and Folgia help each other with their collections, and together share a very unique hobby. The two friends continue to collect and find unique Hot Wheels.

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