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RHS Dance perform for younger audiences

December 8, 2022


Recently Roseville’s dance class visited elementary and Middle schools in the area to help try and get future students excited about the course. 

“Our dance class likes to go to the elementary schools to show what we are really about and to inspire kids when they come to Roseville to be excited and join,” Edmonds said.

Especially to younger students this class can feel intimidating, but the dance class does what they can to make the future attendees feel comfortable. The message being sent by the RHS dance program is hoped to reach all of the kids that they perform in front of at these schools.

“I think it is supposed to encourage confidence and not really caring what other people think,” Edmonds said.

Being able to interact with the students builds a bond that creates a better understanding of the class and what’s in store for them when they come to Roseville High School later in their education career. 

“I think it definitely is because you always have the little kids coming up to you telling you this was my favorite and what they like,” Ryan said. “I think it is also good for them too because we also teach them a dance in our workshops, so it gets them involved with it and it lets them be a part of it for a little bit.”

Through these visits students seem enthusiastic about the class and hopefully the attendance in future years increases throughout the schools that they visit. The dance program also hopes for the number of students in the classes to increase as more and more kids see what they are about when it comes time for them to come to high school.

“I think the kids really like it, there are always fun interactions with them and just really nice and I hope they will take this class when they go to high school,” Edmonds said.

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