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December 2, 2022


Junior Tiffany Plourd has been around photography her whole life and has always had the passion for it. Plourd doesn’t only do photography for herself, but she also does it for the people around her.

“I started doing photography when I was really little because my mom was a photographer and I just always liked to do what she liked and it was something fun for me to do as a young kid,” Plourd said.

Living in California there are plenty of beautiful sights for Plourd to capture, but there are some places that she loves.

“My favorite place to take photos is probably up in Northern California because I just love nature and in NorCal there is a lot of trees and the landscape in the area is so pretty, that’s just where I like to take photos and going up to Fort Bragg its a four hour drive so there is a lot of stuff that I can see and things to capture,” Plourd said.

Plourd uses photography as a way for her to really remember special events and memories that she captures.

“I wanted to start doing photography because doing photography let me capture the moment and I always like to look back at my old photos and remember the moment or the people that I was with and it just helps me point out the beauty in a scene or a scenario that normally a lot of people wouldn’t be able to see unless it was pointed out,” Plourd said.

With some special requests coming in from friends and family, Plourd has made a little bit of money from her hobby.

“I have sold my pictures a couple of times. Some of my friends wanted me to do car photography for them and then another time I was a wedding photographer and those are the only times that I have sold them, but normally I just like to do them for fun or for my friends,” Plourd said.

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