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Latino Student Union celebrates and plans future events

December 2, 2022


Over the past few months the Latino Student Union club  has planned and set up multiple  different cultural events around campus including an Ofrenda in the school library. Junior Michelle Esparza 

“It’s a tradition its not only celebrated in Mexican culture it’s also in Latino America so basically we set up and altar for our loved ones like the ones that passed away.” Michelle said. “We set up pictures and the food they enjoyed from when they were alive there are some requirements that it has to have such as the salt. The salt represents purification and the candles mean to lead the way.” 

The Latino Student Union helps explore different cultures  in the world  and it can help explore your own cultures. It has attracted a variety of different students to it due to the acceptance of the club.

“To me it means kind of a safe space where you can be yourself and there is a way to learn about other cultures and maybe your own,” Yamileth said.

The Latino Student Union has brought a sense of home to the people who attend the club every week.

“It’s something important just because we aren’t represented so having this club representing Latino culture” Yamileth said.

With half a year left in the school year, the club has multiple different events planned for the near future.

“We already planned the Ofrenda. We are planning on doing something on the 12th since there is a whole tradition with that we also want to do a Baile and have that in the spring” Michelle said.

With the Ofrenda, comes some requirements for it to become complete.

“some requirements that it has to have such as the salt The salt represents purification and the candles mean to lead the way” Michelle said.

The club is open for anybody to join on Wednesdays no matter what culture you come from.

“You don’t have to be Hispanic or Latino to join the club.” Yamileth said.

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