Santa Claus has a Violent Night



The trailer for Violent Night came out a month ago and it looks very promising for the Christmas season. Violent Night is set to come out in theaters on December 2 and I can’t wait. 

The plot that is shown within the trailer seems to be a storyline that will have you rooting for Santa Claus, played by David Harbour, on his mission to save a family that is being held hostage by mercenaries on Christmas Eve. Although the Santa Claus we know is jolly and happy, Harbour’s Santa seems to show the not so jolly side of this St. Nick. 

While we do see this violent side of Santa Claus, we also see that he has good intentions with trying to save the family, sort of like John Wick. The family he is trying to save shows that they have a direct line to Santa Claus, which is interesting. I hope that within the movie we get to see how and why this is the case. 

It is interesting that the movie will incorporate the magic that Santa has with how much violence the trailer shows. The mix between the violence and the magic could seem confusing since magic is usually associated with a happy and good movie, and hopefully, the film has a good balance between the two. It also seems to show a little bit of humor, which could be the thing that distracts viewers from the amount of violence this movie has to offer.

The director Tommy Wirkalo’s most known movies are Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and What Happened To Monday. This gives us an insight into how this movie is going to include, which will be a lot of violence, hence the title. Even though Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters was not one of his best films, I hope Violent Night will surpass it. 

The trailer sets up for a lot to happen, which gives it high expectations for the outcome of it. This movie seems like it is something that everyone should watch if they want a unique experience in theaters.