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RHS student shines his way to success

November 18, 2022


Over the past couple of months, Junior Evan Arnold has found a rather unusual job for a teenager his age.

“Yeah so, originally I wanted to find a job my Junior year and I was looking across YouTube and I stumbled upon car detailing videos and I kind of thought that I can actually do this so I decided to start my own company and its called EAShines Auto Detail and it is mobile so I go to people’s homes and I detail their cars.

Arnold found interest in this line of work recently after seeing other people do it online who are from the area.

“I think just watching other people do it, I know that there are a couple of people around the area that are on YouTube and Instagram and just learning from them, finding the ways to do things and just eventually just trying it out on my family members cars and my parent’s cars as well to just see what works and eventually just offering that service to other people.”

Being a mobile company, Arnold provides everything he needs to get the job done as quickly as possible for his customers.

“I bring all of the equipment, all the chemicals and I have all of the machines, all the vacuums and basically I just go to their homes and make their cars look all new and it’s pretty cool as I have been doing it for the past couple of months. It’s been pretty fun”

Having worked on about 50 cars, Arnold has a couple of favorite cars that he has worked on and a few that he wants to have the chance to work on in the future.

“Sometimes I get to work with higher-end and cooler cars and I would say the cooler ones I have done are some Teslas, BMWs, Mercedes, but maybe I will be able to do a Lambo here and there and that would be pretty cool.”

Arnold originally wanted just to get a normal job for a high school student but decided to take it to the next level by starting his own business.

“Well I was just gonna look for a job over the school year and I just thought that this is something that I can do. I can start my own business and I tried it out and it has been working for the past couple of months”

Not having his own car to practice on, Arnold’s parents allowed him to practice his skills on their cars.

“I would say, I didn’t have a car at the time when I first started. I just started detailing on my parents’ cars and they got a couple of free details out of that and they enjoyed it, but basically, I just tried it out on their cars.”

With Arnold having his website for people to book appointments on, it allows him to also provide all sorts of different packages for customers to choose from.

“So right now I offer a couple of different packages, so if it’s just an express which usually takes me about an hour it can go anywhere from $70-$100 and if they want a more in-depth detail it can go anywhere from $150-$250”

While being a rather small business in the industry, Arnold’s business started to take off during the last couple of months

“I have probably done close to 50 cars so far and I say I can hit probably 100 to 200 by the end of the summer”

Still having a year left in high school, he hopes to keep this business alive throughout the rest of his time at RHS.

“I wouldn’t say for a career, but hopefully for the next couple of years, there is definitely a lot of room for growth and I really do hope to continue this.”

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