The Car drives Arctic Monkeys to greatness



Arctic Monkeys’ latest album The Car was released on October 21 with a total of 10 songs which were all amazing to listen to. Fans of the Arctic Monkeys had high hopes for this album and it turned out to be as great as always. 

Although this album didn’t have a lot of songs, it was the best 37 minutes I have listened to. This album was more mellow and relaxed than previous albums and had a couple of songs that were a little bit more upbeat. 

There’d Better Be A Mirrorball is the best intro song to any album. It had the perfect amount of being upbeat in the beginning while also being at a slower tempo throughout the song. With this song being the perfect ratio of the two, it made it into something that I could relax to and set the vibe of how the album is going to flow. 

Sculptures Of Anything Goes sounded a little bit spooky compared to the other songs in the album. This is because the most used instruments within the song are electric guitars, bass, and a keyboard. The vocals towards the end of the song sound like a choir that is played in a horror movie, which gave me goosebumps. 

Body Paint wasn’t my favorite song in the album. The vocals throughout the song didn’t stand out to me, along with the instrumentals that sounded mostly like a keyboard. The instrumentals fit perfectly with the vocals, but it isn’t a song that I would put on willingly because it wasn’t to my taste. 

Although this song wasn’t something that I would listen to regularly, I did like the ending of the song with the guitar solo. The song transitioning into this solo made this song more enjoyable to listen to and is something that Arctic Monkeys is known to do. 

The Car is one of the more calm songs in the album with a soft orchestra in the background and a bass. The song sounds very relaxing with a quiet guitar solo towards the end that fits perfectly with the song. Along with it being calming to listen to, this reminds me of something that would be sung at a fancy dance during the winter. 

Mr. Schwartz is the second to last song in the album and is a good song, but could be a little better. The song was a little too slow, which made the song feel like it was a little dragged out. The instrumentals also reminded me at times of elevator music and sounded like it was supposed to be an acoustic song at other times. If the song was a little more fast paced, it definitely would have kept me from falling asleep in the middle of it. 

The album is definitely calmer than the Arctic Monkeys’ other albums, which are definitely more fast paced and louder with the use of their electric guitars and bass. Although there were a couple of songs that were not the best, this is a great album that everyone should listen to at least once in their lifetime.