Midnights is a lucky album

Midnights is a lucky album


Taylor Swift’s latest album Midnights was released on October 21 and for someone who doesn’t listen to her unless it’s on the radio, the album was pretty good. This was one of Swift’s most anticipated albums from fans and so far, they don’t seem to be disappointed by it. 

This 44 minute album kept a good pace and didn’t feel like the songs dragged out, which made it easier to listen to. Throughout the album, it had a mixture of being both upbeat and relaxing, which had a great ratio between the two. 

One interesting thing about Taylor Swift is that she likes to add hidden details about her albums and songs. In this case, her lucky number is 13 and there are 13 songs in this album, which gave her a lucky surprise that shocked everyone.

This lucky surprise is that Taylor Swift is the first person to ever claim all of the Top 10 spots on the Billboard’s Hot 100 with the number one song being Anti-Hero. This proves that this is probably the best album Taylor has made, and this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for her dedicated fans. 

When I think of the song Anti-Hero, it is easy to assume based on the title that it would be a little darker sounding, but Taylor makes this sound like it’s fitting for a hero. Although it was unexpected to hear what this song sounded like, this was a great listen and I can easily understand how it was the number one song.

Snow On The Beach is the only song in the album that features the artist Lana Del Rey. The two of them make a really good pair and their vocals harmonize really well together. Throughout the song, listening to them sing together was like a lullaby that I wish would never end. I hope they continue to work together in the future because they really do make a great song. 

Question…? had one part within the song that stood out to me. It was towards the end when one particular part almost sounded similar to the bridge in Blank Space, one of her other songs that came out in 2014. Though it was a minor detail, it was still noticeable and was really cool to listen to. 

Labyrinth started a little off with what seemed to sound similar to a heartbeat, which continues throughout the song faintly. This had a small impact on the song, so it wasn’t something that bothered me when it played. This song was slower paced than most of the songs in the album, which made it enjoyable to listen to. 

The album is a great listen and although I wouldn’t turn on Taylor’s music by choice, I wouldn’t complain if any of her songs were on. This is going to be the most talked about album in Taylor Swift’s music career that she should be very proud of, along with her fans being proud of her too.