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Peer Helping students deliver a comfy gift to their program

November 15, 2022


Recently, the Peer Helping second period class decided to give something to the program that can be used for years to come

“Well, my second period class surprised me with a couch for our classroom, because we have had couches in here that we have used for all of our couches and assemblies that I inherited from our district office many years ago that are very damaged and worn out now. So I tried to fix them and I made the current couches that we have worse. So the second period class had this tremendous heart and they surprised me.” Erb said.

“They all pulled some money together, some of the kids in that class and a kid from my fourth period also. They pulled the money together and had a couch from amazon delivered to one of their houses and they came into the class second period and put it together. It was just an amazing surprise and here is the couch”

Students in the class came together and raised almost 400 dollars to bring this gift the not only the program but also their teacher

“I was the one that said let’s all make a group chat and texted the group chat sending the photos and so everybody gave me the money and it was shipped to my house and my friend Ben came and picked it up for us.” Weatherford said.

When the gift was delivered and assembled, Erb’s emotions took over as she saw the couch

“It was shocking and I hope this is no Tiktok video of me out there crying because they didn’t understand that I was so happy that I was crying and they said ‘do you like it?’ and I said of course and again when I am truly truly happy I cry, so that’s what happened it was really touching.” Erb said.

The couch that was given, was a way of gratitude from the students in the class

“No, I just think that Mrs. Erb deserved it and she is the best teacher I have ever had.” Weatherford said.

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