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Teachers teaching two classes at once

November 2, 2022


There are some teachers at RHS that have to teach two classes during the same class period. Most of them have experienced some difficulties with it.

Jennifer Dithridge-Saigeon teaches beginning and advanced drama during her fourth period class. Saigeon finds some complications with trying to help both of her classes at the same time, as they both need to be able to work independently.

“My beginners have less experience so I tend to spend a lot of time with them, but my advanced class needs my help too,” Saigeon said.

The reason for teachers teaching two classes at once could be different. Computer science teacher Bradlee Crockett has to teach AP computer science A and Technology Innovations during 4th period because of the shortage of students in both of the classes.

“It’s just an unfortunate situation that we didn’t have quite enough students to sign up for the classes and that’s nobody’s fault,” Crockett said. “That’s just what students ended up signing up for this year.”

Saigeon also teaches two classes due to low enrollment.

“When we initially started with the master schedule there were not enough students to have two independent classes but once we got the freshmen on board and things started to settle, we did come a lot closer to having two separate classes,” Saigeon said.

But for Economics teacher, Mark Andreatta, he teaches both AP microeconomics and macroeconomics because it was set up to be taught in the same period.

“That’s the way it was set up a few years ago with Mr. Fagan before he left, so we just continued it in that way, that was not a choice I made,” Andreatta said. “It was something that was made prior to my taking over the course.”

Even though teaching two classes at once can be complicated, the teachers still enjoy helping and being there with their students.

“This is the first semester of it and I’m having a lot of help from the students,” Andreatta said. “It’s a pretty sharp group, I would say it’s one of the smartest groups of students I’ve ever had here in my time here at Roseville High School.”

Although Crockett would always choose to only teach one class in the same class period, he would still want his students in his class to get the opportunities they were given for taking the class.

Crockett still wants his students that are taking AP computer science A to get dual enrollment with Sacramento State and would still want the students taking technology innovation to build a software project that they’re interested in.

“If it has to happen in the same class period then I’ll make that happen.” Crockett said.

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