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Freshmen run Fear Farm

October 31, 2022


A popular Halloween tradition is going through a haunted house, but two RHS students took this tradition to the next level. Freshman Alana Figueroa and Kristin Gomez spend their fall weekends working at Fear Farm, a haunt in Davis.

Alana and Kristin specialize in special effects makeup and do the makeup on themselves and other scare actors at Fear Farm.

They’re also professional scare actors and scare customers. Figueroa and Gomez began their makeup journey working at Buljan Middle school after seeing scare makeup online.

“I think I saw a video on it and then my uncles had been doing it for a while so they gave me tips and then the equipment I needed to start so that’s when I started,” Gomez said.

“Last year I worked in my school’s haunted house so I kind of got into that world,” Figueroa said. “Then I got invited to work at Fear Farm and I thought it would be fun.”

For both of the girls, this is their first year working at the haunt and while doing so, it comes with a lot of responsibilities even while being some of the younger ones in the community. Working with adults and having the responsibility of being good scare actors as well as making sure the actors are fully completed with their looks can be a lot to handle.

“You have to be very careful,” Figueroa said. “You can’t touch people and you have to have some type of barrier, like you can’t be too over the top or you can’t do too little.”

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