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RHS Teacher catching waves

November 8, 2022

RHS Teacher catching waves

All teachers here at RHS have their favorite hobbies, but engineering teacher John Fuller has found interest in surfing for almost three decades. Having previous experience with sports in the water, Fuller had an easier time adapting to the environment of surfing.

“In high school I used to play water polo and I used to swim and I also snow-bored so I kind of combined my aquatic abilities into my love for riding snowboards and skateboards and stuff like that so I would say probably when I got to college around 18 that’s when I first started surfing.” Fuller said.

Fuller does not only enjoy surfing on his own, but also has friends who he gets to enjoy the sport of surfing with.

“Something I will always do I have a group of surfers and we all stay in contact and once a month maybe twice a month we’ll drive to the coast and get some waves” Fuller said

The adrenaline filled part of surfing has its moments, but Fuller appreciates the scientific part of the sport. Having something that has been created after a long journey from where they originated. 

“You know waves have traveled 1000’s of miles to reach the shore. They’re basically a product of wind energy and the more power the wind energy essentially larger the wave.” Fuller said. “So when that wave reaches shore it’s pretty cool to be able to ride something and make use of its techniques, harness it and ride it.”

Fuller looks forward to pursuing his hobby of surfing in the near future traveling to all sorts of different places to enjoy the many different environments that each place has.

“hopefully gonna be going back to Mexico this summer and hopefully to Hawaii over Christmas break. We’ll see what happens.” Fuller said.

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