Weezer: Worse than the meme



Weezer’s latest album SZNZ: Autumn was released on September 22. Despite Weezer being a popular meme, this album is not worth anyone’s time.

The first couple of songs were very upbeat, but didn’t really feel like an album made for fall until the album was halfway through. The songs at that point started to use more bass, making these songs slower at times, but still using electric guitars to keep the songs in a rocker-like flow.

This album had a mixture of songs that were either paced really slow or a good amount. Although the album dragged out, considering that it was an hour long with 21 songs, one thing that was interesting was the use of an orchestra for some of the songs.

The orchestra in some songs tried to make them sound more spooky and definitely gave off autumn vibes. This was one of the good things about the album and it isn’t common that artists use an orchestra with their music. It’s good to see a band use different instrumentals despite the album all together sounding the same.

The vocals in What Happens After You? didn’t really fit well with the song. This song sounded like a mix of an early 2000s boy band with a mix of any indie pop song, and it didn’t work. The vocals sounded more upbeat rather than the instrumentals sounding more mellow, which didn’t make the song flow well. 

Run Raven Run was one song that stood out because at first, it doesn’t sound like anything special until you get to the end. During the last minute and a half of the song, it sounds very spooky and as if it were made for Halloween. This song could definitely be put on a Halloween playlist.

The Garden of Eden didn’t fit well with the album. This song gave me mixed emotions on if it was good or not because although it sounded pleasant, it also didn’t fit with songs that use a lot more drums and guitars. The album is supposed to sound more like fall while this song sounds like it should have been made in the spring. 

As the song first starts, it sounds like magical Disney music with all of the nature sounds. Once the vocals started, it seemed more of a 70’s song. Though this is one of the upbeat songs in the album, it didn’t sound the best and Weezer shouldn’t have put it in the album. 

Despite the album not being the best, I did like Records. The vocals blended really well with the instrumentals and the song wasn’t too slow or too fast, which had a good flow. The song doesn’t drag out like most of the songs in the album, which made listening to this song more enjoyable. 

The electric guitar during the chorus had a great rocker-like tone, which worked well with this song. This song sounds like something that would be put on a rock radio channel with a lot of people listening to this song. 

Though this album had some good things about it, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to listen to it in their freetime. It’s like the same songs repeating over and over again with minor differences, including a change of the song name. Each song dragged out for too long, which made the album so much longer than it needed to be. 

Something that would have made the album more enjoyable to listen to would be that the guitar solos not be too long. Don’t get me wrong, a good guitar solo can make a song sound really good, but if it drags out for too long, the song can be boring.