Last of Us takes the leap to television



The Last of Us part 1 came out in 2013 and set the standard for single player story games, but also cemented the PlayStation as the best place for exclusive titles. HBO for years now has been the leading station for people to find high quality original programming. So when I found out the best of TV and gaming were teaming up to make a show about one of the best games of the last decade, I was really excited, and after a long wait we finally got a brand new trailer.

Last of Us is about a world in a zombie apocalypse focusing on Joel and Tess who are smugglers that have been hired by the Fireflies to take an orphan Ellie on a cross country trip because she could have the key to save the world. On their way, they have to make their way through U.S cities while avoiding zombies and other survivors who are sometimes even more dangerous than the zombies. It looks like the show will follow the games story closely which is great because sometimes the game feels like a movie and it really deserves to be adapted to television.

The cast is already stacked with tons of great actors like Pedro Pascal from The Mandolorian as Joel , Bella Ramsey from Game of Thrones as Ellie, Anna Torv as Tess, Nick Offerman as Bill, and Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller. As well as a stacked cast list the main person behind the Last of Us games Neil Druckmann is one of the creators of the show. The show also has The creator of the award winning show Chernobyl Craig Mazin as co-creator. The show has great people on board so it shouldn’t disappoint.

At the beginning of the trailer we see what looks like Boston from the game, as we see someone covering up firefly graffiti, confirming that Fedra and the U.S Military will still be in the show. After that we see Joel and Ellie Hiding from from a spotlight following their escape from Boston.

We then see the main characters hiding from a clicker  which is one of the zombies in the game and it sounds like they took the noise it was making straight from the game. Later in the trailer, we get a glimpse at the clicker and it looks amazing. The show got the design great and made them look almost exactly like the game. You can tell a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into every shot in the trailer. More proof of that is when we see a decrepit old building being illuminated by a flash of thunder, perfectly showing new viewers what kind of world to expect. 

We get a look at the beginning of the apocalypse the same way we see it at the beginning of the game, which was the perfect opener to the game.  It’s really exciting to see how the show will do it and if they can make it as memorable as the game did.

Later in the trailer, we see Ellie with Riley, a character from the DLC chapter Left Behind showing that we’ll be able to get a look at Ellie’s backstory. Left Behind was a fairly weak part of the first game, so hopefully they can build on parts of the story that felt lackluster and give more focus to Riley so she’s more interesting.

Last of Us will definitely be something to look out for when it comes out in 2023 on HBO. It would be great to see last of us get the show it deserves and it’s going to be interesting to see if it can break the curse with game adaptations being fairly lame.