RHS cycles out old weight equipment



Over the summer, Las Vegas Raiders player and RHS 2014 graduate Kolton Miller donated around $65,000 to $70,000 worth of brand new weight equipment to the school. The new equipment consists of brand new barbells, metal plates, bumper plates, new dumbbells, new plyo boxes, and new medicine balls.

“Kolton Miller hooked us up with the people that supply weights for the Las Vegas Raiders and so we got brand new barbells, dumbbells, all the weights in there are new, we have new bumper plates, and new plyo boxes,” weight conditioning teacher Adam Reinking said.

The new weight equipment allows for the weight training students to get the most out of their workouts. With the equipment being brand new, it allows for old and new students to optimize their experience when learning how to work out.

“Everything’s clean, it’s so much better than the old ones. The old ones were just getting tired out, everything was just looking really bad and with the new equipment I think it really helps for a lot of the school,” senior Nicholas Jimenez said.

The weight training teachers are also able to stay much more organized with the weights. The bumper plates are color coded in order to identify weight and make it easier to tell how many weights are at each station and the dumbbell racks have weight stickers so that the dumbbells go where they are supposed to go.

“It’s better to organize and keep the weight room organized. Every station has the exact same amount of weights so it’s good for keeping track of the weights that we have but also to make sure that each station has the appropriate amount of weights to do the workouts of the day,” Reinking said.

As for the old weight equipment, the school had been selling them to staff and families of Roseville High School for a dollar per pound. However, a majority of the weight equipment was sold to an unnamed weight company that buys old weight equipment.

“We’ve sold them to teachers, we’ve sold them to families of the football community, but most recently we sold them to a weight lifting company that sold old weights. They came and they bought about 75% of our weights and we were able to raise close to $5000 to put back into the weightroom,” Reinking said. 

It’s currently unknown what will happen to the remaining weight equipment but it is not being sold to staff and families at the moment. In the meantime, the old weights that have not been sold will stay in the foyer.