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Flipping amazing job for RHS students

September 30, 2022


Flip 2 It, a local gymnastics gym, has gathered a group of RHS Students recently as staff. Senior Grace Moersfelder has been working at Flip 2 It for just over a year and has had a delightful experience so far.

This job is a huge part in Moersfelder’s life and has taught her multiple skills, lessons, and adapted her abilities to work with all sorts of different kids. This job gave her the opportunity to get to know some kids that otherwise she would not have ever met.

“I’ve met some awesome kids that have become a huge part of my life and I love their energy and it’s super fun to be around all those people,” Moersfelder said.

Sophomore Claire Sheidenberger believes that her previous experience as a gymnast helps her with her coaching at Flip 2 It. As a previous competitive gymnast, her coaching is based on her personal experience.

The transition from gymnast to coach is not often taken by most gymnasts, but for Shiedenberger it was a very natural occurrence for her. Having the ability to understand everything that the kids are learning while teaching it is a real bonus to have as a coach.

“I used to be a competitive gymnast, actually at Flip 2 It for most of like my life so like after I stopped doing gymnastics I almost immediately went into coaching so it was kind of like a natural transition and so like I had a lot of experience like when I teach gymnastics.” Shiedenberger Said

When working at Flip 2 It, Moersfelder enjoys that she gets to work not only with kids, but also her friends from school.

“I love working with my friends. Recently we’ve been starting to hire more people that I am friends with at school, so it’s great that I have some people that I am familiar with.” Moersfelder said.

Sheidenberger appreciates the atmosphere of the workplace at Flip 2 It. Working with multiple of the RHS students that Sheidenberger knows on a semi personal level.

Working with kids is one of the best experiences that you can have as a first job according to Sheidenberger. Kids are really easy to work with and just overall really makes the job that much more enjoyable.

“Being with a bunch of kids. They’re all so fun and like getting to work with your coworkers. They are all so nice and doing gymnastics and teaching them is just really fun,” Shiedenberger said.

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