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Lifter powers through her competition

September 29, 2022


Senior Leticia Magalhaes, a student at RHS shares her journey in setting a state record for powerlifting. 

“Powerlifting is a sport where it is combined with squats, bench and deadlift” Leticia says

Magalhaes started going to the gym originally just for self improvement but once she started lifting she became interested in powerlifting in particular.

Powerlifting took her to a different perspective, she took a liking to powerlifting due to the strength she felt. Leticia continued working out and eventually she felt ready for the competition. 

Throughout her competition she shared how scared she was, and how nerve wracking it felt.

“I was really nervous at first I was shaking, my stomach was hurting, I felt like I wasn’t gonna be able to do it, but as soon as I stood on the platform all I saw was the coach giving me commands” 

Magalhaes was able to power through the competition even through her nervousness. The overwhelming feeling of lifting in front of a crowd became nothing as she started the lift.

 “On Aug 20, 2022 I set two state records, 332 pounds and 347 pounds at the 67. Kg weight class at 17 years old.” 

Magalhaes was given a third attempt at the deadlift, she attempted to hit a 352 deadlift, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to lock it out, she hopes to reach her goal next time she competes. She wants to continue to powerlift in competition, build her strength, and continue to break records for her weight class. She has goals for improving herself in the future.

“My goal for the next time I compete would be to take the state records for squat and bench which I’m not very far from, I also want to deadlift 400 pounds by the time I graduate, which would be a national record” 

Magalhaes encourages people to start going to the gym and improving upon themselves. She believes that people are holding themselves back just because of their ability to only lift up to a certain weight.

 “Don’t wait for the future, sign up now, don’t wait for you to get stronger, just do it.” 

Magalhaes is thankful for all the people who helped her achieve her goal and she hopes to continue becoming stronger in the future. 

“I’m really grateful for all the people who supported me, even the ones who didn’t believe I’d actually do it, because it helped me push myself to be even better.”

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