Criminal leaks of a criminal game



The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most beloved game franchises in the gaming scene. Especially with the most recent entry, GTA 5, being one of the most consistently popular games since its release in 2013. Fans have been waiting almost 9 years for an announcement of the 6th game with nothing but radio silence from the developers, Rockstar games.

Recently fans finally got a look at the game,  although not from any official resources. Due to an unauthorized 3rd party, development footage was released to the public for the next GTA game. The footage shows the 2 main characters a male and female duo reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde with the player being able to control both characters similar to the 3 playable characters in GTA 5.

One of the most in-depth pieces of footage was our 2 main leads, robbing a diner where we actually get to see them speak, getting a sneak peek into the acting from both of the leads. We also learn the names of the leads Jason and Lucia. Along with Jason speaking to an unknown character who seems to be someone who assists our main cast.

We also got a peek at the game’s combat, Looking very similar to GTA 5, with the blind fire mechanic as well as a similar sneak mechanic return to the franchise. They also added diving and something like a shielding mechanic where you can cover yourself with your weapon. We also saw how the police officers move and interact with the player as well as how they act in different situations. There are also rumors that the game will take place in Vice City, due to there being trash bins with the Vice City code on them. 

 We also got a look at a system that allows players to speak to NPCs like in Red Dead Redemption 2 and I’m really excited to see what kind of funny interactions can come out of talking to NPCs. We also saw driving and the interior of a supercar being modeled. One of the most interesting parts was when we saw the player walking around in an airport giving credit to the rumors that you’ll be able to fly from different locations.  

Not just footage was leaked, but the entire source code was also leaked to the public which could be used to make hacks for the game. The person who hacked Rockstar also claims to have the GTA 5 source code and is trying to sell it which could lead to more hacks coming to GTA 5’s online mode.

Rockstar released a statement about the hack saying they “suffered a network intrusion” where someone was able to download confidential information. They also said it contained “early development footage” confirming the leaked content was real. On the bright side, they say that they’re not expecting any disruption or long-term effects on the development of their ongoing projects. 

Rockstar recently started working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the U.S Department of Justice, to investigate the hack. Which has led to an arrest of a teen from the UK who has also been linked to an uber hack as well. They end the statement by saying they will “update everyone again soon” and that they will show off the next GTA game when it’s ready to be shown to the public which I hope is soon.

It’s a shame that the only look we’ve had at the game in 9 years was stolen footage. On the bright side at least we know that it is actually coming. Hopefully, we can get an official look sooner than later.