RHS Keeping Locks Locked



At the beginning of this school year, a new rule was put into place by the district office to have all the classroom doors be locked while classes are in session. However, the school doesn’t want the new rule to interrupt the function of education at RHS.
“We can still go outside and we can still do activities outside, but when we’re inside, we’ll lock the door,” principal Nicholas Richter said. “It’s a little thing we can do for student safety.”
This new rule was made when the district office, the Roseville police department, and a consultant from the FBI were having a discussion about school safety.
“One of the things that came out was that through all of the school shootings and through all of the things that have happened at schools, there hasn’t been a single fatality to a student that was behind a locked door,” Richter said.
Once that piece of information was known, the district office took the steps to try to make the school a little bit safer by having the doors locked while the teachers are teaching during class periods.
“And so we want to take a perspective, when it’s possible, when it’s not interfering with education, to have the doors locked,” Richter said.
Additionally, the school also has a way to ensure that the classroom doors are being locked. During class periods campus monitors will go around checking each door while they are monitoring the hallways during class periods.
“The campus monitors, one of the things that they do as they monitor the hallways is that they check doors as they go and make sure that they’re locked,” Richter said.
But for senior Braden Barba, he finds that there can be some difficulties with the doors being locked all the time.
“It’s really annoying sometimes when the doors are locked, you’ll have to wait and it wastes a bit of time,” Barba said.
However, Barba said that he isn’t heavily impacted by the new rule.
“But for the most part it doesn’t affect me too much, I know I don’t really walk outside class very often and I think it’s good for safety, the fact that no ones going to get in if you don’t want them in,” Barba said.