Snack Bar Renovation Later than Expected

Snack Bar Renovation Later than Expected


The Hanson Field snack bar had gone years without any renovations or maintenance. But now Roseville will get an entirely new snack bar for the stadium. 

These changes were initially planned to be implemented several months back, but due to constraints they have been forced to mainly focus their progress in September.

“I don’t know why they didn’t just start the construction back in June when they were supposed to and they pushed it back to September, why they didn’t just wait until after the Football season, since in September it is full-on Football season,” snack bar coordinator Beth Denning said.

Volunteers have also complained about the spacing and storage, with it being unable to hold an adequate amount of food and being claustrophobic to work inside of.

“The new one’s going to allow us to work more in an open space without people walking through us and causing issues,” snack bar volunteer Andrew Christian said. “And it’s also gonna make us giving orders and just making food in general easier” 

On top of that the parts of the building have started to stop working entirely. The wood is rotting, the shelves are falling apart, some lights don’t work, there’s water damage and some outlets are no longer functional, making it difficult to effectively work in that environment.

“There were quite a few things that were horrible about the old snack bar. First thing being if we used one electrical outlet then we could only use one of them,” Denning said. “The other one had to be taped off and not used or we would blow a fuse.”

 As of now the snack bar is off limits and has been replaced by a temporary placeholder while we await new developments. This in turn further restricts the quality of the snack bar but will decrease the amount of time until the changes occur.

“Everything on paper looks really good except the fact that the school has not started construction like they planned to back in June, so it has forced us to make a temporary snack bar,” Christian said.

The new snack bar is planned to be implemented in a little under a year and will have a larger work and storage space as well as more bathrooms for both home and away sides. 

The new snack bar will also add 12 parking spaces via the large blacktop area to the right of the snack bar, and the home side walkway will be getting new scenery in the form of new trees and an archway.

“It’s gonna be a gate now between the visitors and the home side whereas my snack bar used to be the divider,” Denning said.

The construction of the new snack bar will take place during school hours and will fence off the current snack bar for safety while they work on deconstruction of the snack bar and surrounding area. This process will not however prevent anyone from performing basic acts at t he school including learning, going to games, and parking in the spaces.

These changes plan to shorten wait times, add more food, and will increase the parking availability.

“I just hope that people can be patient with the setup and know that we are doing our best to provide everything,” Denning said.

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