New Changes to Parking in Senior Lot



As of September 6th, Roseville High School has implemented a new system to keep track of RHS student parking. 

According to Assistant Principal Ashley Serin, the system of permits is beneficial to better keep track of the people and incidents in the lot, such as potentially unsafe behavior displayed by students. 

“We’ve had some incidents where maybe there was an accident, or lights were left on or something like that, and it’s really helpful for us to know what student that car belongs to…sometimes people go out in the parking lot and make some poor choices, so it’s also helpful to provide a little bit of accountability,” Serin said. 

Students who wish to park in the senior lot must fill out a Google Form found on the RHS website, providing insurance information as well as information about the car for up to two vehicles. Once complete, the physical permit is obtained from the office. Permits are not limited in availability and anyone is allowed to purchase one. 

All students parking in the lot are required to have this permit visibly displayed, regardless of whether or not they purchased a personalized senior parking space at the beginning of the school year.

 If any student fails to obtain a permit and attempts to park in the lot, they will be turned away at the gate. 

“The way that we’re going to be checking for permits is on your way in through the gate we will have somebody, a campus monitor, or an admin or somebody there that will be there checking to make sure you have a permit,” Serin said. 

If a staff member is not present at the gate, the admin will look into potential consequences if a permit is not displayed while a car is parked in the lot.

Although new to Roseville this year, the use of parking permits is not unique to the school. Other high schools in the area already have successful policies in place, inspiring RHS to implement a permit system of its own. 

Roseville High School will require eleventh and twelfth grade students to sign up for a parking permit. This option will not be available for tenth grade students, limiting parking in the lot to juniors and seniors only. 

As of now, this permit system will only affect those parking in the back lot. Permits will not be required for parking in the dirt lot in front of the school nor the lot on Berry Street. 

“There are a lot of benefits that come with having parking permits,” Serin said. “it’s gone well with the other schools in the district, and their ability to keep our kids safe and communicate with their kids, so we want to provide that same opportunity as well.”