She-Hulk: Big show, small improvements

September 8, 2022

Episode 7

Episode 7 starts off with Jennifer and Josh, a guy she met at the wedding in the last episode, hitting it off together until he ghosts her. The whole time, she is waiting for a response from him. Waiting for this response has stressed her a lot, and had me hoping he would text her back.

During this time, Jen gets a call from Emil Blonsky’s parole officer, which has her go to his retreat. When they both find out that Blonsky’s monitor, to see whether he would turn into Abomination or not, was malfunctioning and that he was doing fine, they both were able to go about their day. The parole officer was so afraid of Blonsky that he got out of there quickly. I don’t understand why he was scared. Blonsky was doing good and seemed like a better person.


 As Jen is about to leave, her car is crushed by some people at the retreat, forcing her to stay until a tow truck comes within a couple of hours. While she is at the retreat, she walks in on a circle group that is there to talk about their problems, and one of the people there was someone that tried to attack her in some previous episodes. He apologizes to Jen and then she talks about her situation with Josh. They all are there for her and give her comfort, allowing her to feel less stressed and better once she leaves the retreat.


We do get to see why Josh had ghosted her in the first place. He is one of the people that is trying to get Jennifer’s blood and to try to extract it for some reason. Although Jen doesn’t care about the Intelligencia website, it makes me wonder if she should start now.

Episode 6

Episode six began with Jennifer being invited to be a bridesmaid at a wedding for a high school friend. She feels obligated to go, but she also just wants to prove that her life is going well. Throughout her time at the wedding, she’s not being treated like a bridesmaid and more like a staff person who is there to clean up after their messes. 


Titania is also at the wedding, but not for the bride, she just wants to destroy She-Hulk since she had publicly been beaten twice, causing Titania to feel under attack. She-Hulk hasn’t done anything wrong and it feels like a child who just wants attention. 


Back at the law firm, Nikki helps Amelia with a divorce case of Mr. Immortal, or Craig Hollis, who has killed himself to get out of being married to eight people. In the end, they all came to an agreement on how to settle the divorce. If I were Mr. Immortal, I wouldn’t even have married anyone, considering that he has commitment issues, hence why he killed himself multiple times to get out of a marriage. 


We also get an insight into Intelligencia, a website about superheroes but with a little mix of what seems like the dark web. There is a page on the website dedicated to She-Hulk of people hating her and trying to figure out how to kill her. This could play a big role in what is to come in future episodes and I’m excited to see what this website has in store for She-Hulk.

Episode 5

Episode five had Jennifer deal with a lawsuit against her with a superhero influencer Titiana for the name “She-Hulk”. In order for her to win her case, she had to embarrass herself by using the people she met on a dating app as witnesses. It took a lot of guts to do this and I would never be able to embarrass myself like this in order to win a case against me. 


While this is going on, Nikki, her best friend, and paralegal find someone who can make better-looking suits for She-Hulk so she doesn’t look like Shrek. At the end of the episode, She-Hulk does try the outfits on, but we aren’t able to see them until the next episode. I can’t wait to see her new outfits and hope that they are better than the ones she has been wearing. 


We also get to see the designer put something away that looked like the helmet for Daredevil. This tells me that we will be seeing him in the show soon and I’m excited to see what Marvel has in store for him.

Episode 4

Episode four deals a lot with Jennifer’s love life and how she tries to find the right guy for herself. She uses She-Hulk in hopes of getting men interested in her, which works. This shouldn’t have been the main focus of this episode because it felt unimportant to the plot. Understandably, it does show how being She-Hulk can help Jennifer, but Marvel shouldn’t have focused on that for a whole episode. While this is all happening, Wong and his lawyer Jennifer try to get Donny Blaze, a so-called great magician who used to be a student at the Kamar-Taj, to stop using magic with a stolen sling ring.

Episode 3

Episode three had a crossover with the Sorcerer Supreme Wong. It was great to see him by himself throughout the episode and away from Doctor Strange. It’s nice to see Marvel using the side characters for multiple different stories, and I hope they continue to do this in the future.

The main reason why Wong appeared in this episode in the first place was to be a witness to something that happened for a brief moment in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. In this brief moment in the movie, we saw Wong fighting Abomination, also known as Emil Blonsky. Jennifer is defending Blonsky’s case in order to get him out of prison.


Episode 2

Episode two gives us insight into how being She-Hulk can affect Jennifer’s life. It has gone public that this new attorney is She-Hulk and it gets a lot of controversy from the public.

This was a great episode of the effects of what being a superhero can do to your reputation and your career. If this ever happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but so far, Jennifer is. Although her whole world has just been flipped upside down, she manages to keep cool under pressure.


Episode 1

Episode one starts off with the introduction of Jennifer Walters and how she became She-Hulk. Jennifer is also able to break the fourth wall, which allows her to interact with us viewers.

The introduction to how she became the She-Hulk felt too fast, but it also spent more time showing how her cousin Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Hulk, would teach her how to control that part of her new self. Throughout the episode, we see how Bruce and Jennifer bond over the fact that they are both Hulks.

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