Spider-Man: With great power, comes a great remaster



The PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man game has been released on PC and has started a massive spark in the community. The remaster has overall just improved the game as far as smoother gameplay, better graphics, and best of all, the ability to mod.

Spider-Man remastered is easily one of the best PlayStation exclusives. Its story is amazing and heartfelt. It is clear that the writers care about the characters and want to make the best Spider-Man story. The stakes are high and you can really feel the pressure in the end game. 

Most of the game consists of fighting and swinging around New York and Sony has perfected this. Swinging is so much fun that you will never want to use the fast travel function. The combat is fantastic, really making you feel like Spider-Man. The game can be very easy at times and I would recommend playing on one of the harder difficulties. Although the boss fights at times can feel easy and even with a harder difficulty.

The map looks amazing and is filled with tons of fun collectibles and easter eggs to find throughout New York. This makes the camera function feel fun and unique unlike in other games like The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima. I often play the game just to look around and sightsee.

With Spider-Man Remaster now being on pc, it leaves the game up to more accessibility for modding letting players customize their games as they please. People have been adding the symbiote suit, replacing the game’s music with music from the 2002 games, as well as turning Peter Parker into Peter griffin and letting you play as Uncle ben’s gravestone. The modding scene quickly boomed after the game’s release with mods coming up only hours after its release. 

Overall Spider-Man remastered gives players one of the best experiences that otherwise would not be available for PC players to experience. If you are interested in playing this game it is absolutely worth it despite a lack of new content. It is one of the best PlayStation games that everyone interested in the medium should try.