TableTop Games plays their roles



  The Tabletop Games club has been around for the past five years and according to club adviser teacher Scott Brink, a club is just a place for people to come and meet new people who are interested in playing board games.

“It’s just a group of people who are all interested in the same things you are,” Brink said. “Everyone there is super mellow so it’s like we just come in everyone’s cool. It’s open to anyone.”

Brink hopes to attract as many people who may be interested in the club as possible and believes regardless of skill level or knowledge, joining the club can provide a unique and positive experience to anyone willing to try it out.

“Maybe there are people who wanna play games or even curious about some of the games but yeah it’s open to anyone who wants to come,” Brink said.

The club plays a range of different games that require different skill levels. Senior Jack Lucia feels he has the right amount of experience to help lead the club and teach anyone interested in being a part of it. Regardless of the skill level that some games require, Lucia believes it is worth trying out and is open to teaching them to anyone interested. 

“We have a lot of experience Brink, and some of the other seniors like Connor and I, we have a lot of experience teaching games, so it comes pretty easy, if you want to play a harder game we will teach it,” Lucia said.

Being a member of the club for many years, Lucia has nothing but positive reasons to become a member of Tabletop Games. He notes that it is an amazing way to meet new people and make new friends with similar interests.

“I would recommend joining the club,” Lucia said. “It’s super fun you can play with your friends, it’s open to anyone, it’s only once every two weeks so it’s not very often, so it’s not a huge commitment and you can come in and play.”

The club plays a variety of different games stemming from board games, role-playing games, and card games. Lucia believes that the variety of games that they have an appeal to all sorts of people who may be interested in joining.

“Brink has a huge collection of board games that it’s not something you really need to commit to or anything and there’s like training card games we play, there are Tabletop role games we play, there’s other games like deck building and stuff like that so there’s a lot of different variety of whatever you want really,” Lucia said.

The Tabletop Games club will continue to help spread its passion for games and attract more newcomers like freshman Ryan Palmer.

“It’s been really cool learning new board games because it’s not just card games,” Palmer said. “It’s really taught me differences about what board games really are.”

With only being a freshman, Palmer plans on continuing to be a member of the club as it serves as a great escape from reality.

“I plan on continuing to keep being a member of the club because it’s just a good destresser and it helps me not focus on not school stuff,‘’ Palmer said.

The club meets every other Friday, running from after school until around 5:00 p.m.