Mattix scouts for Eagle projects



In the past two years, Roseville High School has had around nine eagle scout projects ranging from bark installation to cleaning up the campus such as cleaning up the planter boxes and creating cornhole boards. 

Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the boy scout program at the end of the eagle scout rank people have to do a project that impacts the community.

“Some scouts just like high school start out in the first grade the program starts when they are about eleven years old and there are about three ranks that they go through and it’s all about skill development and then the final three are about leadership so they are culminating activities or project as their eagle scout projects,”  Mattix said. 

The whole eagle scout project is about leadership and growth to help impact people’s community.

“it’s really about leadership because they have to plan and design a project and they have to work collaboratively with a beneficiary and they have to get a crew together to determine what tools they will need resources they will need how much a project will cost,”  Mattix said. 

Scout Leader and Student Government teacher Brent Mattix believes working with another positive group is beneficial for both parties involved.

“I think Roseville high school takes a lot of pride in being a pillar in the community so to partner to partner in another pillar of the community that does a lot of social engineering and projects to support the community is outstanding,”  Mattix said.

The scout projects are entirely run by the scouts themselves, and are not always done by students from the school but are ran by the community itself ranging from five to twenty volunteers.

Most scouts start their journey at a young age, including Senior Kaleb Philips who has been a part of the scouts for twelve years and decided to do a conservation project of cleaning up the bark around the campus.

“I wanted to support Roseville because brent Mattix is one of my leaders and I looked up to, and as well I wanted to help out my school and the school is always looking for help with conservation projects,” Phillips said. 

Senior Kaleb Phillips recently had done an eagle scout project cleaning up the landscape around the art wing at Roseville high school.

“We took away all of the dry shrubs and then we added new bark and we put stuff underneath to protect it for a long time and it was a conservation project to keep the area looking nice,”

Phillips said.

Mattix hopes to get more projects involved with the school including the creation of banners, and possible school maps. Mattix encourages more students to get involved to make Roseville High School a better place.