Brothers pay attention to the details



Many students at Roseville have different types of unique hobbies that could help in a future career. Two brothers, junior Ben Seluzitsky and senior Josh Seluzitsky have a car detailing business.

“I think car detailing is taking cleaning to the next level. It is making cars look more brand new without changing anything” Ben Seluzitsky said 

The brothers have had the business for quite some time and they will continue to keep business going. 

“I started about back in December and I have had it till now,” Ben said.

Ben started washing his car and found cleaning and detailing super interesting and decided to start detailing his brothers and then decided to start a small business 

“I started by washing my brother’s car and my car and it got interesting,” Ben said

The brother plans to keep it more of a side hustle rather than an actual business, so far it has just been a little side hustle. 

The brothers can work on virtually any car that they can get their hands on. 

“We can work on any car, sedans SUVs anything we can get.” Josh Seluzitsky said.

The brothers have had some pretty cool cars when detailing, some of which have been favorites to the brothers and they appreciate the experience of working on nicer cars.

“I think the coolest car that I detailed was a Lexas GSF,” Ben said 

“I think the Mercedes S580 was the coolest we’ve worked on,” Josh said.

While the brothers try to keep a constant and consistent schedule, sometimes they are forced to change their plans to fit their clients. They mostly try to work on the weekend in the early mornings to avoid to heat.

“I do it on the weekends mostly but if they are not available on the weekend  I try to schedule them ahead,” Josh said.

While their business isn’t solely about making a profit, the brothers have serval packages for their customers depending on the amount of work required to get the job done. 

“Depending on the package such as a clay bar full interior and finish it takes about 3-4 hours to finish but if it is a simple package like a basic interior clean and exterior about 2 hours.” Josh said, “A clay bar is a way to remove all contaminants on the exterior of the car and embed contaminates into the paint.”

In running their business the brothers have learned a lot along the way and they hope to use their knowledge to pursue a business in the automotive industry

“I think it will probably help for a future business with cars, but I guess we’ll see,” Josh said.