Student takes many rest stops in different rest spots



One sophomore, Rocco Bastianelli finds himself sleeping in very outlandish positions. His brother Ricky Bastianelli has documented these strange sleeping positions and has been posting them online.  

“So Rocco sleeps in pretty miraculous places, usually it’s just anywhere,” Ricky said. “I’ve seen him fall asleep under a beanbag and in the middle of my living room so that was pretty random. I don’t worry about it at all, I just think it’s really funny to see the way he sleeps every day.”

After witnessing Rocco’s odd sleeping abilities, his brother doesn’t think he sleeps the way he does intentionally. Ricky believes that his brother is incapable of sleeping in a regular position.

“He doesn’t do it on purpose,” Ricky said. “I’ll just come into the room and he’ll be dead asleep face down, every time he just wakes up, and just says he falls asleep.”

Rocco’s strange sleeping situation leaves Senior Ryan Graydon feeling dazed and confused. He sees Rocco’s sleeping habits as strange and unusual. He believes that it takes a special kind of person to sleep the way Rocco does. 

“I just think that it’s not normal,” Graydon said. “I don’t think anyone could just fall asleep like under a beanbag, on the stairs, or the stair railing.”

Very few have seen Rocco sleep in his strange positions but Graydon is one of the few who have seen it online. Ricky trivializes his brother’s strange habits for Graydon’s entertainment.

“I’ve never witnessed it, but Ricky posts it on his Snapchat story and it’s usually like Rocco sleeping in a random spot. Also, Ricky plays a goofy song on his story,” Graydon said.

Although it may seem uncomfortable to sleep the way Rocco does, he insists otherwise. Rocco claims that he feels amazing and completely energized regardless of where or how he sleeps.

“It’s honestly the best sleep,” Rocco said. “I wake up and I’m rejuvenated like I’m feeling great after them.”  

Some may find it strange, but Rocco plans to continue his unique sleeping habits.