Shadows to spotlights

Shadows to spotlights


Batman was released on March 4th and had fans extremely excited to see Batman back in action. It’s been five years since Batman was on the big screen with Ben Affleck playing Batman in Justice league. 

Affleck’s Batman was one of the biggest Batman busts in history. He starred in two movies Batman vs Superman, and Justice League and he was criticized for his performance. 

Warner Brothers went in a different direction with the casting of Robert Pattinson. At first many people didn’t think he was going to do a good job because he just doesn’t really seem like the batman type. 

He ended up exceeding fans expectations and now is in the talks for one of the best batmans. He portrayed more of the batman aspect rather than Bruce Wayne. 

In the Dark Knight Christian Bale’s Batman portrayed more Bruce Wayne and Batman together rather than just one of them. 

Both of the movies were fantastic movies in their own ways. I’m still going with the Dark Knight just because I still like the aspect of having that billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne while also tackling the role of batman. 

Batman was definitely one of the darkest Batman movies that has ever been released. The riddler was such a good villain for this movie. And the way he does all of his riddles just had people’s minds thinking. 

The Riddler is by far one of the best villains that DC has casted. This Batman movie was not one of those action packed movies. Don’t get me wrong this movie had a lot of action but this was more a movie for the mind. And the Riddler was a fantastic villain. 

Heath ledger’s Joker though is the Greatest villain to ever face batman. He was my favorite joker out of everyone who has ever played the joker. His dark and sinister mindset is what helps make this movie the best Batman movie. 

The iconic role of the Batman has been around for as long as i can remember but there have been some horrible batmans as well as some great batmans. So you really can’t judge a Batman until after the movie has come out. 

This movie was so different from any other batman movies it had a villain that messed with your kind. It had a Batman who was not right in the mind. So when you look at it this movie was a physiological movie rather than a fist fight movie. 

The cast was a very well put together cast. Out of everyone who was in the movie I only recognized two people. Robert Pattisnon, and Jeffery Wright. This was a movie that I could definitely see more than once.