Softball v. School: The Softball Debate



The varsity softball team has been a dominant school sport team for the past few years. From winning the banner just last season, to having a total of 6 commits on the team this year. Despite this, the team’s field hasn’t been in the best shape over these years of dominance. Senior shortstop Shay McDowell, feels that with a team this good, that they should get some help on the field.

“I know maintenance doesn’t come out and help, and when we asked for new dirt they gave us just random dirt, not actually softball dirt like we needed,” McDowell said.      

With the team receiving zero help out on the field, the team saved money for a golf cart to help drag the field. This golf cart was very useful, so useful in fact that the school felt they needed to use it too.    

 “One of the school monitors needed it after she broke her leg,” McDowell said. “We just wanted to help her out so we let her borrow it.”    

 The borrowing of the golf cart was only supposed to last a month or two, just until the school monitor was fully healed. However, after a few minor fixes to the golf cart that the school paid for, the golf cart’s custody was in debate.   

 “They paid for a few broken parts, but we always offered to pay for them ourselves,” McDowell said. “Now they are saying that it’s their (the schools) golf cart and not ours, which isn’t fair.”     

This left the team with no help dragging the field and no explanation from the school other than that it wasn’t the softball team’s golf cart anymore. Senior varsity outfielder Isa Young feels that the golf cart was always theirs to begin with, and that without the golf cart, their field isn’t going to be playable.     

“I mean, we bought it for a reason. We have so many rocks, bumps, or holes on the field that need to be dragged and worked on, and without the golf cart these things are a lot harder,” Young said.     

The school declined to comment on the golf cart issue, leaving the players of the softball team to infer what their thought process was behind the golf cart and its owners. With only minimal usage of the golf cart currently, McDowell just hopes that they will be able to work something out, and get the golf cart back.     

“Our field isn’t the safest to play on as it is so I’m sure our team would be willing to work out a deal to try and get the golf cart back,” McDowell said.     

Golf cart or not though, Young feels the season will still be a blast.    

“I think we will still perform at a high level, and win some ball games,” Young said.