Pretty Complex PC building



Overtime, video games have taken over as a hobby and as a career for a lot of people. In order to play these games you need a console; an Xbox, PlayStation, and also commonly used, a gaming PC. Ryan Collins demonstrates how complex and yet how simple it can be to make a PC a perfect fit for your needs. Enjoying his hobbies and possibly making a future out of it himself.

Collins has been doing this as a hobby in his free time for a couple years now. Buying each individual part and putting them together is a time consuming hobby to keep him busy and interactive. He was able to learn how to do it fairly quickly, learning from his dad and videos online.  

In today’s day and age, sometimes people can’t see each other in person due to distance or COVID, Ryan likes having a PC to interact with friends more commonly and frequently. 

“I really wanted to start building because of my friends, they started building their own computers because we live far from each other and it’s a cool way to connect,” Collins said.

Although it’s a fun hobby and keeps people interactive, it’s quite expensive. A PC is about twice the price for a gaming console like a Ps5. 

“ PC builds are pricey. Mainly due to COVID, a GPU shortage has shown up increasing the expenses of the computer,” Collins said. “So a mid to high range PC normally costs $1000 or lower, but now that’s close to almost double.”

Making a PC can be a lot of fun, but it’s rather risky and sometimes stressful to do.

“It’s really neat learning what each part does, how it works, and putting it together is both scary and really fun, because if you mess up it could be up to a $500 damage or more,” Collins

Making a gaming computer isn’t all for fun, Collins sees it as a possible job opportunity in the future. 

“I think it’s something I really enjoy and I want to keep doing it,” Collins said. “I might make a side business out of it”. 

Thankfully, the GPU demand in the market is finally lowering and maybe it’s more possible for others to join in on their own journey of making a computer to be interactive.    

Although these gaming computers are rather expensive, you can custom buy parts that will perform to the ability of whatever you want for the gaming style you play. It’s the most universal platform for video games and might just be able to keep others connected in between the hard times most have experienced.