Senior has a very “engaging” job



A wedding can be seen as the best day of someone’s life, but it takes some people like Senior Danish Sharma to make it even more special than it already is. Since 2017, Sharma found an interesting line of work being a personal wedding decor assistant.

“So it’s more of a family, friend, type of thing, they’ve been doing it for several years before I joined and I tagged along a couple of times, I had a lot of fun and made some good cash,” Sharma said.

The wedding decoration for events can require multiple days to put together with often frequent changes to locations based on customer preference.

“So usually it’s like a three to four day event, for a specific client, so it could be running to a home set up to a hall set up, going to different venues and stuff like that,” Sharma said.

Sharma believes that working with people you know can provide a positive and unique experience. Compared to other jobs Sharma has worked in the past, knowing the people you work with can enhance your overall experience and attitude towards work.

“It’s a change of atmosphere,” Sharma said. “I get to work with my family, friends and it’s just very different from jobs that I’ve normally done in the past.”

The job requires a lot of traveling, but Sharma has had a particular place that stood out to him. Some events have a ton of people and could last multiple days depending on how big of a wedding some would want.

“We did this event in Fresno a couple years ago,” Sharma said. “It was a whole eight hundred people event, we stayed close to four to five days and we just had a lot of fun doing it.”

Making certain designs is no easy task, even when it’s something Sharma hasn’t really seen before. Sharma and his co-workers have done many unique designs, but one home set up really stood out to him.

“I think the most unique one we’ve done was like a home set up,” Sharma said. “We used a lot of velvet pieces and they wanted to incorporate nature-like looks, so we used a lot of plants and trees, so that was very different from things I’ve ever seen or done before.”

Being in his Senior year, Sharma believes this job has many benefits for a high school student and enjoys the potential to make lots of money pursuing wedding decorating in the future. Sharma enjoys his job and the satisfaction that comes with it and hopes to continue and advance his work as a decorator in the coming years.

“I definitely want to keep doing the job, it’s definitely very rewarding and fun,” Sharma said.