Baseball’s Chemistry-Building Clubhouse


The boys varsity baseball team this year has a very high team chemistry level. This is due to their very own clubhouse, a perfect place to change and store their stuff. The team’s clubhouse is complete with 24 lockers, all assigned to the specific player with room for all their equipment. Varsity left-handed pitcher Ryan Graydon feels it has helped the team out tremendously.

“We used to get in trouble for changing in the parking lot earlier in the year,” said Graydon. “The clubhouse makes it so much easier and convenient to change.”

Besides the convenience, the camaraderie the clubhouse brings is the biggest addition. Graydon feels that it gives him and his teammates a time to relax.

“It just lets us calm down and rest, sit around, make jokes, and kind of loosen up,” said Graydon.

Infielder Rhys Nelson also feels that it helps the team create jokes, and even take time to build team chemistry.

“It is a lot of fun, we hangout in there and talk, I feel like it brings the team together very well,” said Nelson.

The team’s clubhouse has allowed for many great times, and has also created a few celebrities on the team. A few students got nicknames, but right-handed pitcher Parker Pedone’s nickname is the most loved by the team.

“We call him Hollywood, we all love Hollywood,” said Graydon. “If one person says Hollywood, then the rest of the team says it back with no questions asked.”

Pedone feels the nickname is pretty funny and doesn’t mind it. Despite what the players on the team think, the nickname isn’t actually brand new.

“It was my old nickname back in little league,” said Pedone. “It’s also my snapchat username so when they saw that they ran with it. “I don’t know, I guess I can’t escape it.”

As preseason starts and the season begins the clubhouse will continue to be a place of having fun, relaxing, and making memories with the team.

“I mean for some of us it’s our last year, so we are just trying to have fun and go win some baseball games,” said Graydon