Roseville Adds New Sport To The Fold


In its inaugural season at Roseville High School, Lacrosse is a brand new sport for students to play in the spring. The sport is a mix of basketball, soccer, and hockey. 

Lacrosse is common across a handful of programs in the San-Joaquin Area, including the elite programs like Jesuit and Davis. Now Roseville is able to build their own foundation in their effort to create a successful program and legacy.

When playing the sport, there’s minimal to no rest time when playing the game. 

Varsity Defensemen Tanner Cantwell is an avid lacrosse player and feels that the best aspect of the game is the speed.

“It’s a fast paced game, everything is constantly changing,” said Cantwell. “You’re always moving and you’re never going to get bored.” 

Lacrosse is played with 10 players per side with a face off to begin the game. The players begin to move after the face off occurs as each team tries to put the ball into the back of the other team’s net.

“After the face off, people can start to move around more, at each position level,” said Cantwell. “The goal of the game, get it in the goal, doesn’t matter how, just get it in.”

The Boys Lacrosse team this year is relatively young. The team consists of many underclassmen with only a small handful of juniors. That leaves only one player on the team that’s a senior, being Danish Sharma.

Sharma feels that they can compete with the bigger programs in the area and wants to be an underdog.

“We’re playing some of the bigger teams in the area like Jesuit and Davis which both have long histories,” said Sharma. “I just want to compete with them and be seen as the underdog.”

Girls Lacrosse is also in full swing and they also try to build a solid foundation for years to come. A lot of the players are new to the game and picking the game up for fun. The team does have some experience in Katherine Black.

Black feels that she will be able to teach the game to the newer players.

“I just hope to give them the experience of the game and also be able to hang out with people I know,” said Black. “I also hope to meet new people on the field”.

Despite the season already kicking off with practices occurring every weekday, Sharma feels that any who are interested in playing, can join. 

“We’re trying to find more people, especially senior boys and girls,” said Sharma. “You guys should come out.”