Senior Makayla Whitsell has been a part of musical theatre since she was ten years old. She is currently a part of the theatre program at RHS and loves what she does.


Question: When did you start doing theater?

“I started doing theater when I was ten years old at my elementary school and the first show  I was in was Annie.”


Question: What got you into wanting to do theater?

“So, I originally started doing theater when I was ten and I ended up doing it so I could do something with friends as an extracurricular but then I went to middle school and ended up doing drama as an elective and I ended up really liking it and it was just a good activity to do for an extracurricular and I got to meet a lot of people and I got to sing, dance and act which I really like doing.”


Question: What’s your main goal to get out of doing theater?

“I just like to express my art and also connect with other people like not only with people in my cast that I’m performing with because we definitely do build a team and a huge connection but also with audience members because I think being in a story and acting and singing and everything is something that’s truly unique.” 


Question: Is there anyone that inspired you to do theater?

“Not exactly, but I think definitely the people around me especially when I was younger and I did community theater. Like a lot of the older kids around me definitely inspired me to keep going because they really inspired me to improve and keep on going.”


Question: What has been your favorite theater project that you’ve done?

“I think my favorite so far would have to be Greece, I was just in it about three, four months ago and I played Sandy, and it was just a really fun time because I loved Greece since I was younger and being able to play Sandy was just a huge opportunity and it was just a lot of fun and I made a lot of friends throughout it too.”


Question: What joy does doing this bring you?

“I love just singing in general so I think adding singing into a story element and also acting it out it’s just really valuable to me and I think just doing something outside of school is also fun because I also can implement it into my school life since I’m the vice president of drama club and I also do social media so I can interact all my interests into this one thing.”