Lomeli’s goated pets



Most people would have a dog or cat as a pet, but Spanish teacher Marcos Lomeli has a different kind of companion. He owns three goats that he keeps as companions at home. Lomeli owns three so that the goats can keep each other company at home.

“We got the first one but goats needed a companion so as they got older they had to go outside since the diapers would get too small,” Lomeli said.” Then we got a second one because the other one needed a companion”.

Lomeli got Kako, Arwa, and Leo during the school shut down. He got them to help keep his daughter entertained and busy when she could not be with friends or be at school.

“My daughter needed something to keep busy since she could not go out to play with anybody from school so we decided to get her a baby goat inside the house,” Lomeli said.

Unlike dogs and how it can be easy to take them on walks, goats have a different approach to walks.

“My daughter has taken them on walks a few times out on walks as if they were dogs well they don’t do the greatest because they will end up just chewing on the grass so walks are not the greatest,” Lomeli said.

Many animals and more specifically pets such as dogs and cats do a ton of funny and crazy things all of the time. However, goats do way more crazy things than people would expect.

“Oh they do crazy things all the time right now since they are so used to hanging around people they will jump on their lap because they want to sit on your lap” Lomeli said.

Although Lomeli loves his goats, he can’t always be as close to them.

“We have the goats in the back pasture but if we let them in the back yard basically to the house they will come up to the door and come inside and they will run inside the house and they will jump on the table to see what’s up there.” Lomeli said.