X lives on through media



The first track on Kanye’s newest album, Donda 2, really has people talking.

The first track, True Love, uses an unused chorus from the popular rapper XXXTENTACION. Fans speculated that Ye would feature the passed artist on the album, and he really delivered.

The track is true to X’s unique style with a mellow but still emotional feel.

Ye’s lyrics hit hard on this track, especially in the second chorus, when he mentions X’s son Gekyume. He drops lines like “Daddy’s not gone”, “Daddy’s at home”, “Tell Gekyume”.

While the feedback on this track seems to be mostly positive, it’s not the only X news we’ve gotten recently. A lot of X fans were not pleased when one of his older tracks Vice City was announced to release on streaming platforms like Spotify. While the track has performed well, the thing that has fans frowning is how it was announced. X’s Instagram account has been managed by his management team, and they started making posts on the account to announce the track’s release. This had fans upset as the account should have been left untouched out of respect for the passed rapper. I completely agree with the backlash, I believe there were better ways to announce the track instead of using the Instagram account.

The account was used to make another announcement about the documentary being made for X called Look At Me. It will premiere at the SXSW Festival in Austin Texas and will be shown from March 11-19. After it’s premiere, it will stream on Hulu this summer. The film will show his rise from a regular Soundcloud rapper to one of the biggest and most promising artists in the game.

I’m very excited for this release and I’m sure many people are as well. X became one of the most popular rappers in 2017 and was very important to a lot of other artists. 

Since the documentary’s announcement, all of the posts on X’s Instagram have thankfully been deleted.

Even after 4 years of being gone, X is still living on and hopefully the documentary and his inclusion in Donda 2 will cause more people to notice him. He had such a unique style and clearly had some very creative ideas with his music and videos. While mumble rap has had a negative reputation, X perfected the style and made it his own. I’m sure that he will continue to live on in our memories for many years.