Someone call a Doctor, it’s about to get Strange



On February 13, Marvel released the official trailer for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness.

This trailer is an example of Marvel continuing to create a huge amount of hype for it’s newest releases.

There was so much revealed in the trailer, one thing being the return of Mordo. In the first Doctor Strange, Mordo was angry with Stephen for breaking rules and being reckless with his magic, so he is determined to stop anyone from using magic for the wrong reasons. While he is in the trailer, it’s hard to tell if he will be a major villain in the movie or if he’ll just be a side challenge for Strange. In my opinion, I think he should at least be a part of Strange’s struggles due to Marvel leaving us believing he’s truly turned against Strange.

Mordo isn’t the only character that is returning in the Multiverse. The character that has everyone talking right now is the reveal of Professor X. This could mean that we’re finally getting the X-Men in the MCU, which could also lead to us seeing Deadpool in the MCU. This could be the case since we’ve also seen Venom and Eddie Brock appear in the MCU, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch if we see the X-Men too.

Another crossover we could see in this film is with the animated series What If. In the poster for the movie, there is a piece of shattered glass where we can see the shield of Captain Carter from episode 1. In the trailer, there is also a part where Stephen is falling down a cliff and seems to fall in some sort of animated dimension. We could see some really cool stuff come from a crossover with the animated show, including him getting to meet the alternate version of himself we see in What If.

In another scene of the trailer, we see Stephen get handcuffed and arrested by more advanced, Ultron looking robots. This has fans wondering if we’re going to see an alternate version of Tony Stark, possibly the one from What If. There is also another figure in the trailer that looks like some kind of variant of Captain Marvel. 

There are also rumors of characters like Loki and Nightmare making an appearance, but this isn’t clear.

It’s still unsure who the main villain of Doctor Strange 2 will be. The Scarlet Witch is a possibility, as Wanda seems to be upset that Stephen gets praised for breaking the rule and she gets criticized. Mordo could be the villain, although I don’t think this will happen as the other options are much more powerful than Mordo. The main villain could even be the evil version of Strange that we see in the trailer.

While the plot wasn’t revealed in the trailer, it seems like Stephen is finally going to pay for breaking rules and being reckless with his magic. He unleashed the multiverse in No Way Home and he will most likely be the one that has to fix his mistake. I don’t think he’ll be successful, but he could maybe try to contain it or make his universe safer in some way. It is really unclear how the movie will end, but I personally can’t wait to see. 

Marvel has been killing it with the trailers and build up to their newest releases. While not all of them have impressed me, I can’t imagine that I’d be disappointed by the Master of the Mystic Arts. There is so much packed into this trailer, and knowing Marvel, there is most likely going to be even more in the film’s release. While it’s hard to believe that they could add more than crossing over multiple universes and bringing new characters into the MCU, they will most likely find a way. I think that this could be the biggest release since Endgame, and I can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype.