Crockett’s Cruiser


TYLER BRADFORD, Features Reporter

In general, teachers just drive a regular car to school such as trucks, SUVs, sedans, and many more. But one RHS teacher enjoys showing up to school in a different style of car.

Computer science Teacher, Bradlee Crockett, drives a 1959 MGA. The car has been passed down from different generations in his family for quite a long time. 

“I have had the car really ever since I was born,” Crockett said.” It was my grandmother who bought it for me brand new, then my father drove it and then in high school I fixed it up and drove it all the way through college”.

Though Crockett has had the car for quite some time, it has only recently become a passion project to work on and fix in his free time due to COVID and the pandemic.

“It has been sitting for quite a few years,” Crockett said.” It broke down when I was in college and never had the money to fix it up and I guess in 2020 and when we were all in quarantine I used that time to fix it up ”. 

Now that Crockett has fixed up the car, he will keep cruising around town whenever he can whenever the weather is not horrible and not too cold.

“Now that I have it, I try and drive it whenever it’s possible” Crockett said

From today’s money, the car would be about $33,000 but due to inflation, the change in the price is drastically different.

“It was a gift right from my dad so I actually did not buy it but brand new for about $3,500 in 1959,” Crockett said.

The value and meaning of his GMA has a lot more sentimental value to him than it does monetary value due to the bonds it has created within his family. He plans on passing the car down to his children as well. 

“It means a lot because it reminds me of my grandparents. I remember working on it with them and fixing it with my grandpa” Crockett said.